Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow, Steal Food and Expect the Walk of Shame!

You may have missed this article in the NYTimes, but its really worth a read.

The gist of it is -- Taking some practices from China, some Chinese supermarkets in Flushing and Manhattan are penalizing thieves by posting photographs of them (with their stolen goods) on entry doors or behind cashiers with the words - THIEF - in big red letters. If thats not enough public humiliation, some stores parade the thieves around the store yelling that they are thieves. In addition to this, some stores have asked the thieves to pay for the groceries and a fine that can be up to $500 for the incident and more for repeat offenders... and guess what? The people are paying!!

Is all of this legal? One says its violating a person's civil rights and may also be considered extortion when demanding fines.

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