Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bon Chon Chicken Discount - 50% off in New York City

Discount at Bon Chon Chicken? Really? For free? Yes, REALLY, for free - but you have to act now, as in RIGHT NOW. Click on the link and check out this site -- SCOUTMOB ... The offer gives the holder a 50% discount, but you must apply for it before midnight. So once you're in the kewl club, you can use this coupon until 05/15/2011.

Any catch? The discount is limited to up $12 -- max. Only 1 allowed per check and you can't combine this with any other offers. Your number/email will likely receive other offers from ScoutMob in the future.

So, now your $21 large plate of chicken that includes fourteen wings and four drumsticks with three sides of rice will cost you $10.50 + tax, or $0.60 per piece of chicken. Still a bit outrageous, but much better than the ~$1.20 per piece!

Yum, bon chon chicken on sale! :D

NOTE: Photo above from Bon Chon website.

p.s. I'd give you the code I received, however, they were smart and only issued one "CODE" per submission.

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