Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food Gallery 32 on a Friday Night - Hanok Food Court Revisited

I decided to revisit the Food Gallery on a Friday night to see if the lines were outrageous. If you recall from my prior posting, my biggest complaint was the ordering system at the front could prove to be difficult when there are large lines. Food Gallery 32 was busy at 8:15 p.m. -- with some crowds still confused on the ordering system, however, the lines at the ordering system didn't prove to be "too" unmanageable. Having been here before and knowing how the system works, the frustration level was at a minimal level.

Unfortunately, I had a hankering for traditional Korean food, so I went back to the same Korean restaurant Hanok, instead of visiting another food stall. I tried their BiBimBop (not dolsit) and thought the vegetables were fresh (includes carrots, shitake mushrooms, lettuce amongst other things), but the meat was a bit scarce. For the price of $7.95, it was pretty good, not as good as Gahm Mi Oak ($13.95 or potentially more now), but also not as expensive.

My friend ordered the Dduk Mandoo Guk (boiled dumplings with rice cakes in a broth) for $7.95 at Hanok and it was quite good as well. I thought it was very similar to Wonjo's dduk mandoo guk, which is priced above Hanok's price of $7.95. The only complaint my friend had regarding the entree was that it must have been loaded with MSG because she was very thirsty afterwards.

Overall, my visit to the food court at Food Gallery 32 was another success! I would highly recommend this place to anyone craving Korean food and not wanting to put a big dent in their wallets.

For more info on what food stalls they have and a sense of what they serve, view my prior posting.

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