Friday, February 18, 2011

Vending Machines go to a "hole" new level by selling ART in SoHo

Yup, forget the bubblegum, pretzel M&Ms, bag of chips -- you can now buy art through a Vending Machine. Meet the ART MACHINE by The Hole and ALIFE.

The ART MACHINE is a special project available for viewing and you have to make all your purchases by February 22, 2011. The artist vending machine will be filled with special products and artworks from $5 and up, all the way to the thousands ($1500 according to UrbanDaddy).

Special products? Yes, it includes special personal artist memorabilia (“artist’s panties”) to customized products (“artist bicycle”), to actual artworks (mini painting and mini sculpture!), to limited edition products (T-shirts of G-Shock watches) this machine will vend out items by over fifty artists. Catch a glimpse of the items being offered on the website:

First come first serve, bring your credit card, and take home a cool art object before they are all snapped up.

But seriously, I wonder how a mini-art painting will come out of this machine!

Check it out at: THE HOLE, 104 Greene St from 6-9 pm, 212-226-3000

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