Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Annual Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery

The City Bakery Annual Hot Chocolate Festival is going on now - pick a day and try the hot chocolate flavor of the day. A perfect place to grab something hot during these cold winter days!
Check City Bakery's website for updated drinks of the day!

From City Bakery's Website ... "City Bakery hot chocolate changed the hot chocolate landscape when the bakery first opened in 1990. Made from pure melted chocolate bars, this drink made the word "cocoa" forever obsolete when talking about hot chocolate. The City Bakery Annual Hot Chocolate Festival, held every February, is a celebration of a menu of hot chocolate flavors such as Banana Peel Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate, Malted Milk Hot Chocolate, Bourbon Hot Chocolate and Sunken Treasure Hot Chocolate. Twenty years after the first cup was poured, City Bakery hot chocolate is now available for your home in a package that's perfect, pure, liquid hot chocolate. This is not a powder or concentrate or mix of any kind. This is the exact hot chocolate poured at City Bakery in New York everyday of the year."

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