Thursday, March 10, 2011

Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue's Show in 1979 (parts of it on cnbc)

If you've watched CNBC lately, you might have seen bits and pieces of Phil Donahue's interview with Economist Milton Friedman in 1979. Milton Friedman? Yes, you may have remembered learning about him in high school. Well, that 30 second commercial caught my eye, enough so, that I wanted to see the interview of Friedman for myself to see if there is anything to gleam from it. Interesting enough, Friedman talks about the Great Depression, private enterprise, government intervention, Chrysler, greed, capitalism, Ralph Nader and more. Sound interesting? I thought so.

Here is part of the clip that you see on cnbc of Milton Friedman and Phil Donahue in 1979.

For the entire interview:

Part 1 (New Deal/Great Depression/Chrysler/Pollution/Ralph Nader) ,
Part 2 (automobile industry/oil),
Part 3 (free trade/concentration of industries),
Part 4 (GM),
Part 5 (min wage)

Who is Milton Friedman? Economist, Professor, Nobel Prize Recipient in Economic Sciences, Economic advisor to Former President Ronald Reagan, just to name a few.

For more, take a look at wikipedia.

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