Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vegetarian Week: Mixed Fruit Smoothies

Yum. Mixed Fruit Smoothies. Why didn't I think about making this before? Probably because I haven't had to "think" about what to cook, but with this Vegetarian Week challenge, I have pushed myself to be more creative with my meals. And, if you think about it ... a fruit smoothie is a good healthy treat that can substitute dessert (well, almost substitute it) ... and best of all, a fruit smoothie is perfectly suitable for my vegetarian week challenge!

Smoothies. Funny thing is -- I've had fruit smoothies before, but, I haven't made it before. But, don't fret, making a smoothie is SUPER EASY and you don't even need to call your friends at Jamba Juice for help.

So here I am, without a recipe and I decided to "wing" it. There is nothing like experimenting -- you can be pleasantly surprised, or ... not pleasantly surprised... But at the end of it all - you'll be glad you tried.


1 cup frozen Dole Mixed Berries (or any type of fruit that you like)*
1 cup apple juice (or coconut/orange juice)
3-4 cubes of ice

* If you have fresh fruit, that will work just the same -- however, just make sure you have more frozen ice cubes.

I would recommend placing the cubes in the blender first, then adding in the frozen berries and apple juice. Pulse the blender under the "ice crush" option a few times and your smoothie will reach a frothy consistency that suits you.

Use a spoon and taste the smoothie before placing it into a cup. The above may not be as sweet as you would like, so feel free to add sugar (liquid sugar if you have it) or more apple juice to make it sweeter.

If you want it to taste like jamba juice, add in "sherbet" ... or you can add yogurt ...

Since making my first smoothie -- I've tried all sorts of different fruits... Strawberries with pineapple made with orange juice and suspect I will make other smoothie varieties.

Have fun making your smoothies!

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