Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food Gallery 32 - New Cashier System!! and a visit during lunch!

It seems like I have been frequenting this place a lot recently -- perhaps because its the most convenient place for friends to eat at, especially with the variety of cuisines the Food Gallery offers to its clientele.

My most recent visit had a pleasant surprise! The annoying front-ordering system is no longer in place! YES, my previous blog assessments (info on food court, friday night review) to change the ordering system seemed to make good business sense. Customers can now order food from the food stall that they would like to eat from! Seems like a common-sense thing to do, right? Well, now it is. Turns out the customers are liking that a lot better now!

So I tried two places today. De-ppangi and Jin Jja Roo.

If you will recall, De-ppangi serves Japanese Style foods -- with Donburi's, Teppan-Yaki and Onigiri's and Jin Jja Roo serves a mixture of Chinese and Korean foods blended together.

At De-ppangi I ordered the Seafood Teppanyaki for $9.99. The seafood included imitation crab, octopus, and small sized shrimp. Nothing too spectacular about it ... Plus, it made me think whether they just used the cheapest form of seafood to make this dish. Something I will continue to ponder.

At Jin Jja Roo, my friend ordered the Deep fried Chicken in a sweet and sour sauce (I may have the name incorrect), but it was not that good. Flavor was decent, but I seemed to wonder "where's the chicken" .... There was definitely more dough than chicken in this dish. I much prefer this dish at Shanghai Moon, which is diagonal from the Food Court and more expensive (but sometimes you get what you pay for!)

Overall, in my opinion, I believe Hanok is still the best place to eat in the Food Gallery. If you're in K-town you're likely looking for a simple, but good Korean meal in this food court -- and like others in search of the same thing, you'll be standing in line behind the rest of them at Hanok. (btw, Hanok had the longest lines in the Food Court, so make sure you go earlier than later!) I sort of feel bad for the other food establishments there, especially Bian Dang and Jin Jja Roo who's operating space is minimized due to the people waiting in line for Hanok!

In conclusion, I still believe Food Gallery 32 provides a good option for people who are on a budget, or people who are eating with friends who can't decide on what to eat.

Happy Eating!

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