Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bare Naked Ladies - its only Body Paint!

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Photos taken with my camera phone

The things I see in New York City never cease to amaze me -- I do admit that the craziness is what distinguishes NYC from other cities!. Funny thing is -- I tend to gravitate to the epicenter of these type of outlandish like scenes. I mean, look at the photos above -- you would be running to see this too! The models were good sports, especially to do it in today's weather conditions. Below is the context of the photos:

Artist: Andy Colub (
Location: On 13th and Greenwich Street in the Meat Packing District
Day & Time: Saturday (well technically Sunday morning) at approx. 12:15 a.m.
Temperature: High 60's to Low 70's with mild "dew drops" here and there (but not at the time)
Surroundings: Clubs, Bars, Diners, Hotel Roof Bars, closed clothing stores, Restaurants, Residential Buildings
People: Models? or I'd like to call them the Bare Naked Ladies with some body paint
Reason why this is happening? - No idea, but what a great idea in terms of attracting a wide and large audience by publicly displaying their own artistic portfolio.
Photographers on Site: MANY, and likely to be paparazzi photographers
Price: priceless. A free public viewing

Welcome to New York!

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