Monday, September 14, 2009

Nikon Issues and now Mail Delivery Issues?

As I previously posted on September 4, 2009, I sent my Nikon D60 to Nikon's Warranty Repair Service in Melville, New York. As of today, I am still without my camera and worse yet, after contacting the Nikon Support Team to check on the status of my camera ... this was their response

"I have done a search in our system using both your name and last name and nothing seems to show up."

This surely is NOT a good sign. I will do more digging and also check with the postal delivery service to see what happened (oddly enough, the tracking number was not located on the bottom of my receipt!). Good thing I insured the package before I mailed it; In the worse case scenario, I'll have to ask the postal service to replace my camera. Lets hope I will be able to resolve this issue quickly with Nikon or the postal delivery service -- because I really do need a camera now.

** UPDATED ** Nikon's ears must have been burning after I posted this article because about two hours later I received an email indicating they received my camera.

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