Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fried Dumpling in NYC Chinatown

Fried Dumpling on Moscow between Mott and Mulberry Street is yet another niche dumpling store offering fried dumplings for $1.00. Though this store is found in an alley-like street, Fried Dumpling is more central to many of the other restaurants located around Mott Street and Columbus Park.

The menu is limited with the main attraction being their fried dumplings (5 for $1.00) and fried pork buns (4 for $1.00). The dumplings are run of the mill, with nothing too spectacular to note. The store is smaller than a few of the other dumpling places I've visited, but still offers one counter-top for you to enjoy your dumplings. The ladies working this store do not speak English and are a bit rude. Make sure you pay as soon as you receive your dumplings or else they can be yelling at you for the money (which I thought was odd, but perhaps customers have run out of the store without paying!).

I would not recommend this location and prefer Prosperity Dumplings on Eldridge Street (10 minute walk from here). See my most recent review for Prosperity Dumplings by clicking the link above.

side note
: On a prior visit, I've seen a black car outside with the driver waiting as two elderly Italian people visited the store -- it was like a scene out of the Godfather, though I don't think they were collecting their protection money - just buying dumplings.

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