Monday, September 14, 2009

El Carrito Taco Truck (Chelsea)

Welcome to El Carrito Taco Truck on 19th Street and 6th Avenue -- where they serve up a variety of Mexican delicacies such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. If you're hungry for an afternoon snack (like I was) this may suit your needs.

Although the orange tamale sign on the front windshield attracted me to the truck, I ordered a Carnita taco, which was just enough to satisfy my growling stomach before dinner. As I was eating the taco, I realized there wasn't anything special about it - a little on the salty side perhaps - but nothing that truly made it stand out. I would note that the meat was not the typical shredded pork that I'm used to in a carnita taco (it was cubed and fried).

Menu prices range from $2.00 (tacos, tamales) to $10.00 (churrasco). For detailed information on their menu, click on menu photo on the left.

Here are my quick and dirty pro and cons for the truck:

Pros. A good quick bite for those in need of an afternoon snack, convenient counter-top that allows you to eat there, an assortment of meat for your entree (Carnita, Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Lengua, Bistec, Cesia, Enchilada, etc), offers Jarritos soda pop

Cons. Employees English was limited; Carnita meat was not the traditional shredded pork I am used to

Overall, the El Carrito Taco Truck proved to serve its purpose of a quick bite to eat. However, I prefer Calexico's food cart (moves around, so I will have to find its new location and repost)

If you're curious about New York Food Trucks and licensing info, refer to my prior posting on NYC Street Fight - The Battle Between Food Trucks and Brick & Mortar Stores.


Jeff Hui said...

Did this taco truck used to be on 14th? Or is that a different one?

simplyMEinNYC said...

think it a different one. but we have to go to calexico food cart in soho (you will LOVE it)

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