Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shake Shack Burger Attack!

If you love burgers, you'll enjoy Shake Shack. If you miss the west coast burger from Inn-N-Out, you'll enjoy the Shake Shack burger with its own special "shack" sauce". The simplicity of the burger is really what draws you in -- the soft and lightly toasted potato bun, the crispy leafy green lettuce, the juicy tomato, and the fresh ground beef.

The burgers comes in all varieties -- pack the burger with a single or double meat patty; or forget the beef altogether and get the "shroom" burger; or if you feel indulgent and can't make up your mind, get the "Shack Stack" which combines the 'shroom and cheeseburger together (woah!).

Pair the burger with french fries and a milkshake and you're set. The milkshakes are the thick and creamy kind (i wonder if they use Carnation ice cream?!?!). Shake Shack has everything you think a food shack would have -- burgers, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream, sodas, ice tea, beer and wine (ok, maybe not that). So enjoy!

Shake Shack can now be found at three locations and all three of them have long lines.
1. Madison Square Park (Original), located @ 23rd and Madison (11am-11pm)
2. Upper West Side, 366 Columbus Avenue at 77th Street (10:45 am to 11 pm) -- faster line than #1
3. Citi Field aka New York Mets Stadium, 12301 Roosevelt Avenue (Flushing), open 2 hours before game

IF you didn't come right when these shacks opened up their doors and are are not too keen on waiting 45 minutes to a hour for a burger, like many people do at Madison Square Park (seriously - don't people have things to do???)... I would highly recommend other burger joints around the city that are just as good and even better (i.e. Burger Joint, Corner Bistro [though has a wait as well during peak hours]) than Shake Shack. For more burger reviews, look at my previous 5 Napkin Burger posting.

If you happen to be around Madison Square Park and find that the line is way too long for Shake Shack ... Go check out Eisenbergs Sandwich Shop at 174 Fifth Avenue (5th Ave between 22 and 23rd ). Its a good little find that has a really great pastrami sandwich & egg salad with bacon sandwich. Plus, you can buy it and walk back to the park!

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