Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chinatown wins again for offering cheap meals!

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This is no gourmet meal, but if you have $4.50, you can have a five item entree with soup (taxes included) at this Chinatown establishment located on Hester and Centre street. I don't even think this place has a name other than $4.50 Combinations!

So what do you get? Just about everything you can order at a Panda Express and more. It's Chinese food on steroids with some good ole authentic dishes that Chinese American-born won't think about eating (well except me of course). Though the food is mass produced (think buffet line), the food is not lacking in flavor... There is however some dishes that have too much oil (some vegetable dishes). But overall, for the price - the quantity can't be beat!

You will see a lot of street vendors (aka people selling "designer" bags) taking a break from their work and eating here... Or just tourists getting their taste buds satisfied with the variety of chinese food here... Or someone like me who found this convenient spot to grab a quick bite before I went into work.

So if you happen to exit canal street on the 6 or n/r trains, this Chinese Combination food place is A few steps away (go north on Hester street) an if you don't have that extra 50 cents with you, take it to go and pay only $4!

Happy eating!

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