Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News: 15 Major Fast Food Failures

I saw this on CNBC and found it interesting that big fast food chains have had some interesting food product blunders -- McDonalds surprisingly has had a few -- ever hear of a Hula Burger created to cater to Catholics (probably not since most of us weren't born yet) or the McDLT sandwich - a lettuce and tomato sandwich with NO patty? or what about the Arch Deluxe, a burger created for adults with a special bun and peppered bacon?; or what about the possibility of ordering a 100x100 at Inn-N-Out? Too bad we can only order a max of a 4x4 (still huge!); or what about the Noid, the mascot at Dominoes, that created the trademarked phrase, "Avoid the Noid" or, should I say avoid Dominoe's altogether?

Anyhow, have fun reviewing some of these previous fast food campaigns by clicking here and see if you recognize any of them!

Happy Eating!

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