Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ibuprofen: My Best Friend after a Full Day of Football Games

photo created by Susan Lee with her iphone 3Gs

After a long day of football, ibuprofen is going to be my best friend today. But it was all worth it! (so long as the soreness goes away tomorrow! ha ha) For those that do not know, I am the quarterback on a girls church football team. My team has been practicing on the weekends for the last two months and yesterday was one of the first times we played competitively against another football team. We looked forward to yesterday's tournament and as we went in, win or lose, we were first and foremost a team. As the day came, all of my girls played with their hearts and we ended the day with a victory, winning 4-0! Yahoo!

And as expected, our bodies paid the price for the success... and today, ibuprofen will aide me as I go about my day. :D thank you ibuprofen, i heart you today!


Jess said...

you're the bestest quarterback everrrrrr <3

Dorty said...

hardcore. congrats!

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