Saturday, October 2, 2010

Le Da Nang at 75 2nd Ave in East Village; Vietnamese Food

Shrimp summer spring roll with iced coffee; Vietnamese sandwich with spicy shrimp

Rice and bbq pork chop; bun w/ tofu ; shrimp entree with soup/salad/appetizer

photos with the iphone camera

Finally, good and cheap Vietnamese food has made its way outside of Chinatown and into the East Village. Le Da Nang is on 2nd avenue between 5th and 4th street at the old Sea Thai restaurant.

This place has a variety of lunch special options starting at $5.99 for a Vietnamese sandwich with iced/hot Vietnamese coffee or $9.99 for a entree, appetizer, salad, soup and free drink. I ordered a main dish, appetizer and a iced coffee all for the price of $8.50. Wow! What a deal! You can get this deal everyday of the week from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. This is definitely a food steal -- check out part of the menu here.

Overall it was a great place. Only comments are:

- watch the step as you walk into this establishment
- the menu is a bit confusing and on the verge of "daunting", but if you can navigate a NYC subway map, you can handle this
- if you order the pork chops and don't like the spicy Ginger sauce, you can ask for the typical fish sauce that you eat with the pork chops
- if you want the traditional Banh Mi sandwich, this is not the place to go -- they have some "fancy" options such as Spicy Shrimp, BBQ Pork Chops and more
- definitely get the iced coffee ... If it's not sweet enough ask for more condensed milk
- decor seems a bit upscale for the low priced meals, but that just ups the value of this place
- for the price you can't beat the convenience of the location and for the decent to good food!
- happy hour from 5-7 pm and it's $3 beer and wines, or 50% off on cocktails.

Alright that's enough... Happy eating!

About Le Da Nang from their website:

Da Nang is the largest city in central Vietnam and one of the country´s most important ports. Ringed by mountains on one side and the East Sea on the other, Da Nang has numerous cuisine with seafoods and mountain vegetables with the touch of French and Spanish influence.

Le Da Nang represents the taste of Vietnam, mixture of cultural crossover, as well as dishes from northern Vietnam and bordering country of Thailand.

The modern yet authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

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