Saturday, October 2, 2010

John D's first portrait shoot wearing his Teddy Ruxpin Halloween costume!

Photos by Natacha P.

What do you do when you have a free studio all to yourself? "Its PORTRAIT time!" Yes, John took it upon himself to use this free studio to practice some of his lighting techniques.. and I was there to assist and support him through the way -- offering small suggestions and making the models feel comfortable.

John D. aka Film Director aka Moonlighting Photographer (haha, i know you're reading this!) decided to wear his Halloween costume - Teddy Ruxpin - for his portrait shoot. Knowing that he asked his two models (Joanna and Natacha) to wear "costume-y" outfits, he wanted to "fit" in so he brought along his own costume. :D ha ha. ok, he was being a good sport about it. :D

John's lighting set-up: 5.0' octabank as key light; two strip banks on the side to light the background.
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