Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MTA finding ways to fine people

I saw this sign while sitting on the M15 bus... It says "if you enter a bus lane, your car may be photographed" by video cameras. guess how much your fine will be? $115. Doesn't that sound like a lot? This isn't the only new initiative to raise funds for the MTA.

Anyone who pumps gas, takes a taxi, rents a car or has to pay for car registration, are already subsidizing the MTA.

The way the MTA has gotten more creative at raising funds seems like the MTA's budget gap is like the abyss! And as we already know fare hikes are on their way! For drivers, bridge and tunnel toll hikes are increasing by at least 5% if you have an ez-pass (and more if you don't have one), both subway and LIRR fares are going up and more fines are on the way! Yes, more fines! The new M15 Select buses have a fine of $100 if you are caught on the bus without your receipt.

So watch out people, don't accidentally get into a bus only lane and be careful not to lose your receipt - or else you'll be fined! And, if you drive into new York, consider taking public transport because your commute will get more expensive December 30!

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